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(dey/dem): a choreo-doc


an up & coming feature-length experimental documentary that illuminates Black non-binary folks in the American Souf & their connection to the nearly erased history of gender expansiveness within the African diaspora. 

16 min short funded via grants from:

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The L Word: Generation Q

co-writer of episode 304

Micah finds a queer role model while a new face helps Dani and Sophie break out of their funk. Meanwhile, Alice tests the waters of her new relationship. Shocking truths come to light when the masks come off.


Sweet Tooth


A stripper attempts to gain the support of their rival in order to start an underground feminist strip club.

exclusively screening on RevoltTV in a compilation of Damn Write Originals shorts called SEVEN

Honey Bee 

by Neptune XXI ft. Joie Kathos & Mitch Lakes


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