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"It was an incredible class, and the feedback on the homework was great! It allowed for further character work. Overall, NOVA was amazing, and I now have a character questionnaire that resonates with me and my work as a writer."

"Love NOVA’s expertise and gentle guidance. Loved being able to engage with the class. Loved NOVA’s warm up exercises!"

"I enjoyed the ease of NOVA’s instruction and how every class created space for centering oneself. I wished the class could’ve lasted a few more months because the information was very valuable, I learned so much in finding what I need to create more nuance in my characters."

"NOVA is a spectacular teacher who created a writing group to utilize for the future"

the art of the pivot NOVA CYPRESS BLACK
the art of collaboration NOVA CYPRESS BLACK
the art of inspiration image.png NOVA CYPRESS BLACK

a revision workshop inviting participants to rework scenes based on realistic production shifts

a mock writers room inviting participants to collaborate on reimagining a classic film (SET IT OFF, 1996) as a TV pilot

a generative workshop inviting participants to write scenes based on various forms of inspiration

"Pacing and style/pedagogy was perfect especially for online."

“It was great insight into what happens in the writer's room. Collaboration was a key take away for me because it really helps create a better story. Listening to everyone's ideas helped me to think more creatively.”

“I feel that I am a perfectionist to the point where it makes me not write scripts for long periods of time, but being able to write these prompts in a time limit forced me to not be overly anal about my work and it was great.”

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